First blog post

Why blog:  To reach people with the Good News that Jesus does give a new birth and new life to those who find him.  He said “seek me and you will find me,”  and when I did that I found him.  My life has never been the same, because I know his constant presence and encouragement, which result in what we Christians call the joy of the Lord.  Do realize that when Jesus came to the earth, he, and his predecessor John the Baptist, came preaching repentance.  You must be sorry for your sins.  And we have all done it, we have sinned simply by not believing in him.   Etc.  If you don’t feel sorry, or can’t find the right motive to seek God, just talk to him and be honest, he will give you all that you lack.  If you don’t even believe he is there, speak to him anyway, he will take care of any need you have.  You must be born again.  You do that by faith and obedience.  Believe and be baptized.  And you’re on the way.  The Way (not to be confused with the current movement “The Way.” The cults abound and are multiplying, and most have elements of the truth, many are good counterfeits.